We consider education a basic and fundamental tool for nation-building. But most importantly, we consider that type of education which is meticulously designed based on the deep understanding of the needs of the people and the demands of their time as pivotal for economic and technological advancement.

Companies with demonstrated commitment to continuous learning are able to unearth the great potential in their workforce rendering them dynamic and positioning the company to be several miles ahead of their competitors. The deployment of well-trained talents is key for massive economic transformation and ownership of a greater market share.

Over the period, we have through our sponsored corporate training program – e-ViSA – partnered several companies and diplomatic institutions achieve their goals of producing innovative products for the market and delivering their services to their clients via the vehicle of a first class customer service experience.

e-ViSA is our fully sponsored corporate training program. It comes off at specific periods of each year after a rigorous selection process. Beneficiaries receive training in Accounting, Business Management, Customer service, Finance, Leadership, Logistics and Transport Management, Health and Safety, Talent Management, Project Management, Strategy, Supply Chain and Warehouse Management.

Others include Soft Skills Training and Language Proficiency Programs. As a matter of policy, e-ViSA is designed to be absolutely free.

As an educational institution, it constitutes a key component of our Corporate Social Responsibility and by extension, it is a way to contribute to the development of quality human resource for the development of the continent.


These are the beneficiary institutions:

The diplomatic institutions include:

Embassy of the Republic of Togo

Embassy of the Republic of Benin

Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Embassy of the Republic of Guinea