BT Institute


BT Institute is an international training institution which specializes in running professional, language, academic and non-academic courses aimed at building the capacity of individuals and corporate organizations in Africa. Our mission is to educate a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders; inculcating in them good character, integrity, passion for the African continent and guiding them to transform their multiple talents into wealth for self and continent.

In BT we go beyond schooling, for we consider the benefits of schooling to be limited. Schooling seeks to prepare a student to acquire a qualification so as to get a good job. Education does the contrary; it prepares one to fit in an industry. It first seeks to discover a person’s talent, develops it with rich information, exposure and experience and guides the talent into an industry where its significance is most impactful, generating wealth in the process for self and continent.

The BT educational experience is designed to make our students become “The First or Among The First” wherever they may find themselves and in whatever endeavor they pursue. With a rich wealth of industry experience and expertise, our pracademics offer our information through world–class instructor-led trainings, virtual session, live streaming, seminars, conferences, summits, executive coaching & consulting.


Our community is a rich blend of a wide demographic mix. Our students are of many different nationalities. This makes for rich interactions, sharing of diverse views and perspectives. With multiple talents aspiring to reach their Ultimate Position in life, our community is referred to as the “MULTIMATE”.

Multimate thrives on the diversity of talents and nationality – We are Pan-African. The student population comprises 97% of students who are of many different nationalities: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Switzerland, Togo


Talent is diverse and so must the programs designed to develop it be. We have a wide range of programs administered by different departments to develop different talents.

Department For Professional Programs

The Centre for Professional Programs in partnership with other reputable international institutions runs programs in Oil and Gas Management, Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Marketing Management etc. Students who desire to join industries in these various fields would be thoroughly prepared to blaze a trail.

Department For Language Programs

The need to foster stronger unity among African countries via the use of a common language, enhance international business and trade, create employment opportunities and facilitate free movement of Africans across borders, make acquiring competence in another international language very crucial.

The department for Language training  programs runs courses in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese employing technologies and multiple learning techniques which would facilitate assimilation and expression of a language with speed and ease within a short space of time.

Department For Academic Programs

The constant evolution of the world makes for the constant evolution of practices and procedures. The age where one acquires a degree in four years is fast fading away. With advancement in technology a student can now obtain a degree in two and a half years. That is what our centre for Academic Programs can offer you plus opportunities for student study tours to 6 international destinations and access to international internship programs.

Department For Executive Education (e-MBA)

Our Executive Education (e-MBA) targets graduates and working professionals who aspire to build competence in a specific field for effective performance on the job. The program is intensive, fast-paced and affords the opportunity to explore a topic in depth. It is industry-specific and designed to equip students with both Soft skills and Hard Skills. The Soft Skills include courses in:

Public Speaking and Media Relations

Negotiations and Contract Management

Human Relations and Corporate Diplomacy

Team Building and Conflict Management

Fashion and Image Branding

Personality Behavior and Performance

Money Acquisition and Management


The Hard Skills are subjects aimed at solving technical problems:

International Oil and Gas Business

Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics

Project Management for Entrepreneurship and Events Organization

Health, Safety and Environment

Accounting, Finance and Tax Management

IT in Human Resource Management

Database Management

Graphics Design


To educate a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders inspired by a new thinking; new approach; inculcating in them good character, integrity, passion for the African continent and guiding them to transform their multiple talents into wealth for self and continent.

Consider an African continent where there is a neo-educational system inspired by the understanding of the demands of the continent; where the youth no longer struggles for jobs; where graduates are no longer job seekers but job creators; where well-developed talents replace the role of certificates; where every talent has a place on the continent; where there is an explosion of trade among African countries; where the role of women is prominent; where every African can speak at least three international language present on the continent; where the continent is perceived as a rich continent evidenced by rich African billionaires who occupy the first 100 world’s wealthy people list year on year. That is the Africa we envisage. Hence our vision:

An African Wealth Creation Renaissance inspired by a new thinking; new approach driven by a generation of entrepreneurial leaders.